Tuesday, July 24, 2012

scenespiration: new zealand {back roads}

courtesy of: wayfare magazine | photo by: rachel thurston
This beautiful picture is in the summer edition of wayfare magazine, for a story about family road tripsRachel Thurston and her family got into their yellow VW (which can be rented here) and went where the wind took them--through the back roads of New Zealand.  Romantic, right?  And, they did it with a new born baby in tow (bowing down to them)!  Someday I hope to be able to do the same, just get into a car and be free! So, I've imagined all of the things I would need for a VW adventure; see my picks below the break! 
1.  Before you judge me, please note that this AWESOME floral suit has all the essentials you need for a trip - jacket, shorts, button down shirt!  I can't help but LOVE it!!
2.  I'm on a bike rampage, I want one in every color and for every purpose - this one would be for strolling down the back roads of any town we end up in!
3.  I imagine being able to drive up to any two trees of my choice and taking a nap in this hammock!
4.  A sleeping bag is essential and one with kissing rabbits on it?!  Perfect for frolicking about in the wilderness! (there's another really cute one with kissing stags - find it here)
5.  I can just picture myself parking the van, getting on my bike in my floral shorts, spreading seeds around town making the world a prettier-greener place with these seed bombs!

Where will your summer travels take you?  Go explore some back roads!


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